Game Week: Florida Atlantic (2014)

When I was a kid, I had a friend whose house I stayed at all the time. He had a Nintendo in the basement and we were bad at talking to girls so the basement was really the only place we ever needed to be. It was a bachelor pad for 9-year-olds. And it was all well and good, until my friend’s dad would saunter downstairs and start making weird, awkward, bad dad jokes. He’d also ask us about relevant musicians of the time. And he just looked so uncomfortable. But he was trying! He wanted to connect to us, wanted us to like him. Wanted to be part of it.

Bo Pelini is now that dad.

Weird, uncomfortable, awkward and funny - sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally. God love him, he’s trying. So let’s check in on Happy Bo, Awkward Bo, Scared Bo and all the rest of the gang in your first TWOS comic of the season. I hope you love it. Check us out on Twitter, and check back next week for a new edition.

God damn it’s good to be back.


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