Game Week: Penn State (2013)

This week, a random person posted on Facebook that Bo Pelini has already agreed to resign after the Iowa game and that Jim Tressel was a leading candidate for his replacement. This according to the poster’s “really good source who I can’t tell you who it is but it’s really good and just trust me.” In a rational world, this missive would suffer the same fate as every other fart-in-the-wind Facebook post. But for an information-starved fan base with nothing better to do after watching their team get mathematically eliminated from the Big Ten Title Game and BCS game contention, this qualified as news. It was debated by people who get paid to think about this football team because we are all insane.

I have no Grand Unified Theory on the future of the Huskers. I know we have a good coach who may or may not be capable of great, but who has yet to get over that particular hump. I know we have an AD who has never hired a head football coach. I know we’d be competing for a head coach with USC, probably Texas and - even worse - programs whose coaches leave for greener pastures. And while we can sit here and pretend that every coach in America would agree with our biased opinion that this is the greatest coaching job in the history of ever, objective reason would tell us that’s not the case. So am I thrilled with Bo? Not entirely. Do I think he should stay? Probably, yeah. But we better have a really fucking good escape plan if we fire him. In middle school I broke up with a girl because a prettier girl liked me. THAT’S an escape plan. It’s shallow as fuck, but it’s still a good plan, you know? OK bad example.

I do know this: I created TWOS for weeks like this. Weeks when there’s a bad taste in our mouths from losses and rumors and our faces are permanently glued to our palms. It’s not an endorsement, or a soapbox, it’s just some jokes. And I hope you love it. It helps me to have something fun to look forward to when everything else surrounding the team I love just feels blah. I hope it helps you, too, if only for a few minutes.

This week Bo and Taylor talk about the future, Tim Miles offers unrequested advice and Shawn Eichorst breaks his silence. Follow TWOS on Twitter where, if we do go into a coaching search, some very reasonable and rational conversations will occur. Here’s your comic…


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