Game Week: Michigan State (2013)

This is the point of year where we all throw our hands up and say, “Oh who the fuck knows what this team is let’s just see what happens.” And that’s the most fun part of the whole year. Every year this team seems done for, and then they rise like a phoenix from the ashes or Carl Pelini from the champagne room.

It’s frustrating when your team’s not winning national titles. For all the talk of conference championships and whatever else, national titles are the benchmark. I don’t give a shit about all the intermediary goals, I want a national title. But it’s not happening this year. So in the meantime, I want a team that fights like hell. I want Ameer Abdullah punishing people. Bo Pelini blissfully ignoring the need for building any kind of positive public image.  Fuck everything. Win games. If you’re not winning national titles, that’s the most fun you can have. Because that’s the team that’s loose enough to land a Hail Mary, or let Randy Gregory stop worryin’ and start murderin’. I love it.

This season is not without its disappointments, great and small. But let’s enjoy the last three games. Starting with Michigan State. Sparty’s on edge. It’s 2 am and they’re staring the big-tittied blonde right in the eye, one smooth line away from closing the deal. And the Huskers can stumble half-drunk into the picture, flash a smile and take this fine-ass lady home. Wouldn’t that be fun? Fuck Michigan State.

This week in the Tunnel, Taylor discusses life after football, and Bo gets a new best friend while getting reintroduced to an old enemy. Follow TWOS on Twitter if you’re into that sort of thing. I have to say, your replies to my stupid tweets during the week are funnier than most things I put in the comic. Thanks for that.

But first, your Sparty comic awaits. And it starts with Randy Gregory ripping Devin Gardner’s soul out. 


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