Game Week: South Dakota State (2013)

True story: last week I actually thought to myself, “After UCLA I won’t have much to talk about with the comic.” Then we got depantsed at home. Then Bo melted down. Then he told Tommie Frazier to go fuck himself. Then he told fans to do the same. And then Taylor Martinez got hurt and we’re starting Tommy Armstrong. Also Memorial Stadium is now a Wal-Mart and touchdowns count for 4 points and the tunnel walk music and video is just Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball.”

I cannot remember a week this dramatic in my long history as a Husker fan. It exposed a lot of the worst traits of our program and a couple of the better ones. But it was an extended field day for the Bo haters and a full week of work for the Bo lovers and a headache for the majority of sane Husker fans that fall in between those two camps and have to say things like, “He’s not Hitler but we’re also not winning games we should win.” Frankly, it was exhausting.

So I almost didn’t write a comic this week. That’s another true story. I was reluctant to throw another log on the fire of this budding culture of negativity. Until mid-week, I wasn’t really feeling up to it. But if there’s one thing we could all use, it’s a laugh. So hopefully this week’s comic delivers in at least that regard. 

I will, however, not be doing a new comic next week for the bye. Like I said, I need a little break. Meanwhile, I’ll be on Twitter and happy to field breathless #BoMustGo tweets with a hearty eye roll and some heavy drinking. But seriously, I really enjoyed discussing and debating with you this last week. It was fun in a week when fun didn’t seem possible.

Enough of me talking. Let’s laugh at some dirty words…

PS: To Sombrero Fan, Batman Fan (Batfan?!), Larry the Cable Guy and Twitter’s @TheRedOne80, whose likenesses are used as “fans” in this edition… please understand you’re just standing in as a representation of the fan base. No offense intended. I love all your guys’ spirit. Also, if Larry the Cable Guy is actually reading this, whoa!


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