Game Week: Michigan State (2012)

Remember when I wrote that sarcastic flowchart about how we could actually win the Big 10 this year? Well… shit. Now that seems doable. But I’m sure we’ll all get a big boner about it and then inevitably get beat by Minnesota and end up in the D’leon’s Bowl at Seacrest Field.

But we’ll wait a few weeks to pull our hair out and predict the temperature of Bo Pelini’s seat. For now let’s just enjoy the good times, and try not to think of this fact: right now is the most excited we’ve been for the Huskers’ post-season prospects in 3 years, and yet, if we had to go play Bill Fucking Snyder’s Kansas State Power Towels right now we’d get throttled by a Tim Tebow wannabe. 

Regardless, we beat Michigan, Shoelaces or no. And now it’s on to Michigan State. This week in The Tunnel, we prematurely talk Big Ten Title Game, the D gets their due, Denard Robinson stops by, Ameer Abdullah arrives and Taylor Martinez has a new pair of shoes he’d like to tell you about. As always, follow TWOS on Twitter where I will forget to check my mentions for a few days and make you feel unloved. Now then, let’s get on with the action…


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