Game Week: Michigan (2012)

NOTE: Sorry for the delay earlier, Tumblr was down. Now it’s back. Proceed!

For those of you who didn’t either give up on the Huskers midway through last week’s game (understandable) or didn’t suffer a heart attack in the fourth quarter, here’s a brand new Tunnel Walk of Shame comic. Holy crapping fuck, that game was awful/awesome. 

Lots of people are asking how many mistakes the Huskers can make and still win games. I’ll take the over. Somehow we find a way to win, mostly because there are about 3 X-Men mutants on this team who continue to save our ass. Quincy Enunwa, please never get hurt/graduate. 

But now, attention turns to Michigan and Denard Robinson. This week in the Tunnel, we try to figure out how to stop him (and don’t), and then discuss recent Twitter trends. Also there’s a lot of profanity, as usual. Don’t forget to follow TWOS on Twitter. Last week I live-tweeted portions of the game because it was easier than crying. So, you know, make sure you don’t miss that.

Anyway, on with it…


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