Game Week: Northwestern (2012)

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!? Much as I love me some bye-week filler prognostications (“Top 5 True Freshmen You Won’t See This Year or Probably Next!”) and coach-speak, if I hear the word “execute” one more time I’m going to become a Mizzou fan. Kidding, kidding, I have a soul. 

The Tunnel returns to action this week, too. We get a visit from new G.A.D. (Ginger Athletic Director), as well as the first appearance of American Badass Tim Miles. Plus, we bow our heads in prayer.

Enjoy the comic, and be sure to follow TWOS on Twitter if you’re not one of the millions already doing so. Thanks for tuning in each week. And now, look at this great mother fucking picture of Bo and Papuchis I found…