Game Week: Ohio State (2012)

Welcome back to The Tunnel Walk of Shame. Inspired by the Huskers’ come-from-behind victory, I produced a comic this week despite not planning to. I had an alternate form of entertainment planned for you all, but that’ll wait until next week, for the bye. Trust me, it’ll be fun, so come on back for that.

But this week, we’re back in our usual format. And we’re talking Wisconsin, OSU, and a terrifying new G.A.D. (Ginger Athletic Director). Also, we mention Rex Burkhead’s 15-yard stiff arm of some bitch-ass from Wisconsin, a feat so great that the state is still trying to stifle its collective boner. Or at least, I am.

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Anyway, on with the fun…

PS: I’ve also had a sort of alarming amount of people ask about “YOLO, Fuckwads” t-shirts. That’s probably not gonna happen real soon, despite a very kind screen printer reaching out to me via Twitter and offering his assistance. I’ll keep you posted if we decide to go down that route, though.