Welcome to the Tunnel

Hey there.

If you’re here, you’re possibly lost. Or you’re Bo Pelini, scouring the internet for things to be upset about. This is a blog about the greatest sports team ever assembled: The Nebraska Cornhuskers football team. I love this team with all of my might, and follow them closely. Through ups, downs and everything in between.

Each Friday here, I’ll post a comic that I make that consists of me using Photoshop to slap text over pictures of Husker players, coaches and other appropriate pseudo-celebrities. Most of this will poke a lot of fun at everything you’ve heard about the Huskers recently. Why? Because it’s fun. So much of the fervor of Husker Nation requires us, as fans, to take it so, so, so seriously. This little blog is my attempt to offset that. I don’t want it to be there to make fun of people. It’s more to poke fun at the litany of ridiculous and overblown narrative themes within Husker coverage (e.g. “Taylor Martinez Throwing Motion!” “Bo Pelini Hates the Media?!?” and “Is Tom Osborne Alive or Is This an Elaborate Weekend at Bernie’s Hoax?”).

Anyway, enjoy it or don’t. Take it or leave it. I began this last year with comics I posted to imgur, a nice little photo-hosting website. I continue it this year here, on its own dedicated website: The Tunnel Walk of Shame.

If you scroll back on this blog, you’ll see a few of last year’s comics posted to bring you up to speed. I’d post all of them but I lost them because I drink often.

So follow the action here and @tunnelwalkshame. Apparently “TunnelWalkOfShame” was too long for a twitter handle so they wouldn’t let me use it but I already named this blog so fuck it.

Thanks for joining us. And Go Big Red. Seriously.